Testing your Employees

Working to your needs, we can help you to set language standards, and if you wish to test internally we can help you to set up your organisation as a testing facility.

The tests of most interest are:

  1. 1.TOEIC Listening & Reading

  2. 2.TOEIC Speaking & Writing

Our Criterion writing skills assessment (for native & non-native speakers) is also useful for feedback and improvement - it is not a formal test.

The most commonly used English test is the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test. It takes 2 hours to complete with approximately 30 minutes administration time. The Test is paper and pencil, and contains 200 multiple choice questions, 100 for listening and 100 for reading. Scoring turnaround may take up to 3 weeks, and we can organise faster turnaround for your most important business decisions.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how we can help you set the standards or set up your organisation as a testing facility.

Testing Options
There are 3 options for testing your employees:
We can conduct testing at your site
You can have a staff member trained to administer the test
You can send employees to a 
Public Test Centre