Online Learning

The new online “TOEIC® Official Learning and Preparation Course” (TOEIC OLPC) is an designed to prepare for the TOEIC® Test AND strengthen your English skills.
OLPC Placement    

High Beginner
Current TOEIC mark <550
or current CEFR A2

Current TOEIC score >550
or CEFR B1

Current TOEIC score >785
or CEFR B2 or C1

You can also take the
OLPC Placement Test

Plus purchase 2 or 3 levels of the TOEIC OLPC, and you can have a $90 discount on your next TOEIC Test.

See prices in New Zealand and Australia.

TOEIC Test preparation:

The TOEIC OLPC offers several full practice tests plus
TOEIC quizzes as part of learning.

When you do a practice test OLPC will show you what you got right and wrong, and teach you what to look for to get the right answer next time.

Online Learning (& Preparation)

The TOEIC OLPC has 3 modules for different levels:

  1. high beginner

  2. intermediate

  3. advanced

Watch the OLPC course demo

EDO Online Learning

Edusoft’s full English Discoveries Online is available from Edusoft. EDO offer a full English course which can be taken on its own, or blended by a school with their classroom content. Specialised tourism, medical, and other courses are available.

Ask us for details or contact Edusoft directly.