Testing occurs every 4 weeks, on Friday 

Public Testing in Australia (Listening & Reading)

Public Testing Fees

The TOEIC Test is $180
The TOEIC Test is $90 when bundled with Speaking & Writing tests in Sydney.
Official Score Reports provided.

Public Testing using the secure, global TOEIC® Test is conducted around Australia on the dates listed below.

  1. BulletFriday 6th May (bundle Speaking to reduce TOEIC price)

  2. BulletFriday 3rd June

  3. BulletFriday 1st July

  4. BulletFriday 29th July

  5. BulletFriday 26th August

  6. BulletFriday 23rd September

  7. BulletFriday 21st October

  8. BulletFriday 18th November
    <3 week gap>

  9. BulletFriday 9th December

The Secure Program (SP) Public Test (公開テスト) provides the Official Score Report/Certificate (公式認定証 / 공식 인증서)

Please contact the centre directly using the link provided below. If you have ANY problems, please contact us on 02 9542 4855 or toeic@pro-match.com.


In 2016 & 2017, ETS is releasing a refined TOEIC Test. Both the current and the refined test will be offered, with the same Official Score Certificate. Anywhere you take the TOEIC Test around the world will produce a valid certificate. Learn more!

Preparation materials:

Every test taker should read the Examinee Handbook.
See our preparation page for online learning, sample tests, and other options.

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