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Public Testing Fees

$230 Speaking & Writing $ASK Speaking only 
$320 S&W plus L&R

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Public TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test

The TOEIC® S&W test measures a person's ability to speak and write in English in the workplace environment using key expressions and common, everyday vocabulary.

Speaking-only tests are also available.

Speaking and Writing tests are offered at
the Sutherland Test Centre, in Sydney’s south

Public Test Dates

Wednesday afternoons S&W 2pm (Speaking-only 1pm)

  1. Bullet22nd April

  2. Bullet13th May

  3. Bullet17th June

  4. Bullet22nd July

  5. Bullet19th August

  6. Bullet16th September

Sunday extra tests at 11am

  1. Bullet19th April

  2. Bullet17th May

  3. Bullet7th June

  4. Bullet5th July

  5. Bullet23rd August

  6. Bullet20th September

** Sundays are not always available - $50 surcharge for 1 candidate.

Listening and Reading Dates (Fridays)

To help with your planning, test near your L&R test date

  1. BulletL&R 13th March

  2. BulletL&R 3rd April

  3. Bullet

Please bundle the Speaking & Writing tests with the Listening & Reading tests.  Add L&R for half price ($90) if you purchase together and test within 1 month of each other.

The Official TOEIC Score Reports are the same as the Official TOEIC Score Certificates in Japan and Korea. The same certification is recognised worldwide.

  1. Korean 3-facet testing: 
    Take the TOEIC and TOEIC Speaking tests
    (increasingly common corporate requirement for Korean candidates)

  2. Chinese Certification of English Speaking Skill
    Chinese companies are looking for a certification in one of the global Speaking tests. 
    Take the TOEIC Speaking test

  3. Japanese 4-facet testing
    Take the Listening & Reading plus Speaking & Writing

  4. Australian or New Zealand Work Visas and Academic Purposes
    Take the TOEFL 4-Facet test, instead of the TOEIC Tests

Speaking & Writing Centres in Australia & New Zealand

  1. -Sydney Australia

  2. -Auckland New Zealand

For other locations, contact Pro-Match