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Public Testing Fees

$190 Speaking & Writing $130 Speaking only 
$280 S&W plus L&R
$210 Speaking plus L&R 
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Public TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test

The TOEIC® S&W test measures a person's ability to speak and write in English in the workplace environment using key expressions and common, everyday vocabulary.

Speaking-only tests are also available.

Speaking and Writing tests are offered at
the Sutherland Test Centre, in Sydney’s south

Public Test Dates

Wednesday afternoons:

  1. Bullet21st November - S&W 3pm (Speaking-only 2pm)


Please read the Speaking & Writing information on the ETS TOEIC Website - including content and sample test, and the Examinee Handbook.

Sunday extra tests  **

  1. Bullet14th October - Noon (or 4pm)

  2. Bullet4th November - Noon (or 4pm)

  3. Bullet2nd December - Noon (or 4pm)

** Sundays are not always available - $50 surcharge for 1 candidate.

Listening and Reading Dates (Fridays)

To help with your planning, test near your L&R test date

  1. BulletL&R 26th October

  2. BulletL&R 23rd November

  3. BulletL&R 14th December

Please bundle the Speaking & Writing tests with the Listening & Reading tests.  Add L&R for half price ($90) if you purchase together and test within 1 month of each other.

The Official TOEIC Score Reports are the same as the Official TOEIC Score Certificates in Japan and Korea. The same certification is recognised worldwide.

  1. Korean 3-facet testing: 
    Take the TOEIC and TOEIC Speaking tests
    (increasingly common corporate requirement for Korean candidates)

  2. Chinese Certification of English Speaking Skill
    Chinese companies are looking for a certification in one of the global Speaking tests. 
    Take the TOEIC Speaking test

  3. Japanese 4-facet testing
    Take the Listening & Reading plus Speaking & Writing

  4. Australian or New Zealand Work Visas and Academic Purposes
    Take the TOEFL 4-Facet test, instead of the TOEIC Tests

Speaking & Writing Centres in Australia & New Zealand

  1. -Sydney Australia

  2. -Auckland New Zealand

For other locations, contact Pro-Match