Pro-Match provides objective benchmarked tests of English proficiency,
        as well as Online learning services in Australia and New Zealand.

  1. TOEIC Public Testing with global certification. 
    Internationally recognised TOEIC Official Score Certificate

  2. Institutional Testing Programs for students learning English
    Student feedback on progress and proficiency
    Improved Placement
    Exit tests of skill levels with recognised objective scores
    Compare class learning (by teacher or campus) for quality improvement
    Lower or higher skills (A1-C1)
    Academic or Business English

  3. English readiness for Colleges & Universities
    Onsite tests to check ability to study in English (paper-based TOEFL)
    Workplace English readiness (TOEIC & TOEIC Speaking)
    Monitor student English improvement during their studies

  4. Online English Learning
    Client-monitored and tutored English learning, while working or studying at Uni
    Blended class and online learning for English Schools
    Supplemental and ESP courses for top students

  5. Corporate Assessment
    Call Centre / International BPO English level testing/audits (Philippines, India, and Fiji)
    Psychological Workforce Assessment (coming soon, please enquire)

Quality objective testing of English skills

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