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TOEIC Public Testing is available in Suva, Lautoka and Nadi. Each test taker receives a TOEIC® Official Score Report issued by ETS.

The TOEIC® Test assesses a person's overall ability to use everyday English in the workplaces such as international companies and industries, hotels, event management companies, IT or tourism - and it is often used to gain employment, particularly throughout Asia.  It is the most widely used General Business English Language Exam and is taken over 6 million times a year.

The TOEIC Test is a Paper & Pencil test consisting of 2 sections - Listening (45 mins) and Reading (75 mins). The Test takes 2 hours to complete and includes 200 Multiple Choice Questions.

Freebird and Juns are accredited to administer the TOEIC® test and welcome all candidates to take the test on the official testing dates:
Test applications close

2 weeks before test date 

Upcoming test dates:

  1. BulletFriday 16th February

  2. BulletFriday 16th March

  3. BulletFriday 13th April

  4. BulletFriday 11th May

  5. BulletFriday 8th June

  6. BulletFriday 6th July

  7. BulletFriday 3rd August

  8. BulletFriday 31st August

  9. BulletFriday 28th September

  10. BulletFriday 26th October

  11. BulletFriday 23rd November

  12. BulletFriday 14th December

Preparation materials:

Every test taker should read the Examinee Handbook.
See our preparation page for online learning, sample tests, and other options.

How to get there:

Please enquire about parking or other transport options.

Learning more:


  1. Please email Sakenasa Varea to enquire about Lautoka and Nadi.
    Free Bird Institute, Mission Place, Lautoka Fiji

  1. Please email Sakenasa Varea to enquire about Lautoka and Nadi.
    Free Bird Institute, Nadi Fiji

Candidate Instructions

We will provide instructions when you apply for testing.

This will include time of test, how early to arrive,
payment details, and other conditions.


  1. Must not have sat TOEIC in the previous 28 days.

  2. Must provide a suitable form of identification, such as a passport.

  3. Must not make notes in the examination booklet.

  4. Agree to the conditions set forth online at and/or Examinee Handbook.

Other Public Testing locations:

These are the only locations in Fiji for the TOEIC Public Listening and Reading Test.
The TOEIC is available worldwide - including Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

If you have any concerns or issues with the Freebird Institute, please email,
otherwise please email Sakenasa Varea to organise testing in Lautoka, Fiji.